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Sign-up for the next Quartet Project Challenge
Play Yourself!  Music for the December Challenge is available here. Download your music and registration forms by clicking on the appropriate link below. If you need assistance, please contact us at
To  sign up, send us and email with your name, location, & names of the other members of your quartet. If you’re still trying to find a last member (or even two!)
Complete entries including registration forms are due by: December 1st, 2014
To download the pdf’s click on the brown links below these place-holder images!

DOWNLOAD your materials HERE: 
Beginner QP Challenge Dec 2014.pdf
Intermediate QP Challenge Dec 2014.pdf
Advanced QP Challenge Dec 2014.pdf
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How do I submit our Quartet video? To upload your video you will need to create an unlisted YouTube video. To do so you will need a free YouTube account. 
Clicking this link will take you to instructions on how to do so.
Excerpts from that page are reprinted below: 
How do I create an unlisted video?
	•	You can choose to make any of your uploads an unlisted video in your YouTube Account settings. Here’s how:
	1.	Sign into your YouTube Account
	2.	Click on your account name located in the top right of any page. Click on My Videos from the expanded menu.
	3.	Choose the video you want to edit and click the Edit button below the video thumbnail.
	4.	Scroll down to the Broadcasting and Sharing Options and find the Privacy section.
	5.	You'll see the option to make the video Public, Unlisted, or Private.
	6.	Select Unlisted. Make sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

How do I share an unlisted video?
Once you’ve set your video as unlisted in your account settings, you’re ready to share your video. In order to share your video, just send the video’s URL to the people with whom you’d like to have access to the video. They’ll then be able to view the video.
To share your video with us, please send the URL to  By doing so, you agree that it be posted on our website to receive comments. Scores_files/Beginner%20QP%20Challenge%20Dec%202014.pdfScores_files/Intermediate%20QP%20Challenge%20Dec%202014.pdfScores_files/Advanced%20QP%20Challenge%20Dec%202014.pdf
Four sides of a triangle BEGINNER QP Dec 2014.png
Back and forth INTERMEDIATE QP Dec 2014.png
Boopbadeedee -ADVANCED QP Dec 2014.png
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